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Christine Tomtlund

Artist and illustrator

Real art. 
on your wall, a treasured gift or a Memorie.

Art is valuable to all of us. A painting can have a huge emetional value.

A special gift from a dear  friend.

A portrait of the one you love or miss.

A symbol for who you are or something you have achieved.

Here is a selection of paintings that are currently available as originals and

some lithographs, made by the artist.

As well as examples of portraits, that shows, how your order may look.

Do not hesitate to ask me if you want to buy something. 

There are also picturs that is not shown on this side, that is still availiable.


Art print of the best quality you can get. Edition of 90 ex, all numbered and signed. Comes with the poem (by Dan Andersson) it is based on. Price 790 SEK / piece plus postage.


Keep your friend forever. 
Portraits on demand

You who love your dog or cat knows how a special photo, can fill you with memories of joy.

When you won the prize, the best moments on the promenade or cozy at the favorite spot.  But photos and memories can fade quickly.


A painted portrait of your great love and pride, gives you the opportunity to keep that memory for the rest of your life.

Nothing is as personal as a well-made portrait, and there you can get the green blanket you cheer on or why not turn a perfectly perfect but black and white photo into a painting with the correct color scheme. Pictures can be made in any size and with any background you want, to make it perfect for your home.

A portrait also adorns the home in a more personal and highly artistic way. It will be proof of your love for your life mate and you have the opportunity to preserve that love for centuries.

I have worked with portraiture of animals for over 15 years. I have painted everything from cats, dogs and horses, to ferrets, parrots and goldfishes. I have always loved animals and been fascinated by their varied looks and the unconditional love they give us. They are my favorite motives, and for each board I sell, 10% of the income goes to WWF, or a help organization of your choice.
If you have proof that you purchased your friend through a good help organization, you will of course get a discount on your painting.


I charge a starting fee and have what I call a satisfied customer warranty, which means you pay the remaining amount when you are happy with the portrait. Certain changes can of course be done along the way. If you do not get satisfied you are not forced to buy the board. (This has never happened during my 15 years as a portrait painter.)
I would like to meet your friend and take photos myself, but can also assume already existing photos if needed.


Some customers have said:

Berit Johansson:

" - I ordered a painting of my mouse, Christine met Mike and she took photos of him. They seemed to have fun together. She asked me about Musse and what I liked with him, if we did something special together, and so on. I did not understand then, but it was part of the amazing work she puts on a portrait. She not only painted a picture of my sweetheart but also my love for Musse is featured on the board. I only understood that when I saw the portrait. "


Karin and Henry:

"-We ordered a board with both our dogs on together. They never want to get well together on photos. We got home a fantastic blackboard where both of them are superfina together. There is so much detail and so nice lust in the eyes. It's a very wonderful talk. "


I lost my beloved Mr Louis a month before I met Christine. We talked a bit about how he always lay on the windowsill and I sent photos on him lying on the couch and on the now empty windowboard. When I got to see the portrait I just wanted to cry. It was like getting back some of Louis to see him lying in the sunshine. That's the nicest memory I have of him."


Please write to

Tell me how you would like your friend to be portrayed. Please send a picture and write some requests about size and color, etc. Various examples are available here, at and you can sign up for newsletters to receive invitations to exhibitions and find out when you have the chance to see posters live, at a fair, competition or exhibition.

I look forward to sharing your dearest memory with your friend.

Christine Tomtlund

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