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Children diserves good litrature and beautiful illustrations.

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Slottsdrakens kokbok 1

in this book you find recepies, stories and illustrations of Christine Tomtlund. 
The book is written of Maria Byquist and Linda Lagerstrand. It´s a cookbook for the younger cook that gives cookingtips along the way and starts with easy recipies to masterclass. 


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Ailo på Kråkbärsfjället

The boy Ailo lives in the swedish alps with his friend, the arctic fox. At a late summers day it´s time for picking berries. 
A cute little story that brings you near the nature and makes you wish for freach air and jam.

The book is in swedish, written by Li Nolin and children about 3-6 years old will enjoy it. 

You can order one here, email me at
Or meet me in one of the events under the summer. I will bring this and other books I´ve illustrated and/or written.  


Ailo på kråkbärsfjället omslag (kopia).jpg

Jakten på slottsdraken
The hunt of the Castledragon

Everytyhing in this book is real, cause there are dragons. 
You don´t belive me? 
Well, that´s because they´re heavily protected and a secret as big as accutal dragons. 
But this book, is about a very small one. Catsize infact. Thou the problems in keeping a wild dragon is still more than enough. 


The author, Maria Byquist, is a new star in the world of books. She writes, with many details and a lot of facts, a story that goes from late 1600 and mystical societys, to speedy action in modern military huntingplanes. 


In all this she still makes a story about love, loneliness and about the worth of real friendship.


With me, Christine Tomtlund, as the illustrator, and Marias story, the children (9-12) gets a small and funny storylesson.  


Published by Darkness Publishing.


Hålla hand,

Holding hands

Hålla hand, (Holding hand) written by Anna Nordin and illustations by Christine Tomtlund.

If you think that everyone should stick togeather and hold on to each other. That it is an important thing to learn from the beginning, that everyone is equally valuable despite our differences, then this book is for you and your children.

The pictures are super detailed and true to life and provide an opportunity to talk about the animals even with an older sibling sitting next to them.

To buy a book.

E-maila, write that you want to order a book (and don´t forget that you still can order the book A little red fox), leave your adress and then there comes a book and an invoice. 

The book has swedish text.

(Thou as a touchbook you can point and talk instead of reading it.)


En liten röd räv, i en stor blå värld.

A little red fox, in a big blue world.

A little red fox in a big blue world / En liten röd räv i en stor blå värld. 

The book has swedish text.

Order a bedtimestory for nice cozy evenings. Written to create peace and harmony.
The book is gender neutral and gives all children the opportunity to be a little red fox, all children can be brave.
Email, write that you want to order a fox book, and the book and an invoice will arrive in the mail. The book costs only SEK 150, postage will be added.

This is a book about a little red fox who goes out at night for the first time in his life. Eldröd discovers that everything has turned blue. The parents have disappeared and Eldröd goes out into the blue night to look for them. It is also a book about how different everything looks at night and about being brave.

And it is written completely without gender determination, as everyone can imagine what it is like to be a little red fox and everyone can be as brave as Eldröd.

This book is written and illustrated by Christine Tomtlund.

Do you want to order the books now.
Mark the email BOOKs. 
Wright down your adress and I send you the book. 
I send you the book and an invoice.
Easy and quick.  



illustrator, artist
and author,
Christine Tomtlund.

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