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Christine Tomtlund

Artist and illustrator

The World can be a better place.

We can all make the world a bit better. I sometimes cooperate with nature conservation associations and others who work for a good cause.
When I do, I will link to the managers and organizations or projects, under my calendar.
This is because I think a speech can make a big difference to anyone.
Hang on and do not miss the opportunity to make a real cut and a good deed in the same time. 

Or email me if you have an organisation that wants to make some event, and I see what I can do for you and your cause. 

Love, Christine Tomtlund.

For inquiries, contact;

A Gift to
IUCN SSC otter Specialist Group,
acting for
 otters worldwide.

One painting is to be auctioned off to raise money that goes towards protecting otters in the world.

The customer of the gift, a women in the organization wanted to buy the other for herself.

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