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Happening 2022

Storytelling and Christmasmarket

If you want to hear wintery fairy tales, you are most welcome.
On 11 December, I will be at Wadköping's Christmas market and tell fairy tales.
In addition to this, there are of course books, Christmas cards and beautiful pictures to buy and get signed.

Open 11-16

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Latest book


Dragon delicacies are the best there is.
In this book, party recipes are interspersed with everyday food, bread baking with sweet, delicious desserts.
It simply has everything.
The recipes will make the Castle Dragon's mouth water! It doesn't get better than Royal goodness. Interspersed with the recipes are also tales of V.B.D. - World's Best Dragon - Flame!
This is a completely new kind of cookbook where the recipes are structured like computer games and have a special order logic. It makes the recipes easier to follow and reduces stress when cooking.
You learn and it becomes more fun to cook. At the end of the book, there's even a cooking boss to overcome!
"The recipes in the Castle Dragon's cookbook are easy to follow and makes it easy to succeed with his cooking.”


Author Maria Byquist & Linda Lagerstrand
Binding Hardcover
Publishing house Isaberg publishing house Ed. country Sweden Ed. year 2022
ISBN 978-91-88721-13-6
Language Swedish
Format 205x240 mm

Between Christmas and New Year, Bild och form opens its doors to have an exhibition.


It is a collective exhibition where you can see my creations as well as the works of other skilled artists.

More information about times and days will come soon.



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Ailo på kråkbärsfjället

Ailo på kråkbärsfjället omslag (kopia).jpg

The boy Ailo lives in the swedish alps with his friend, the arctic fox. At a late summers day it´s time for picking berries. 
A cute little story that brings you near the nature and makes you wish for freach air and jam.

The book is in swedish, written by Li Nolin and children about 3-6 years old will enjoy it. 

You can order one here, email me at
Or meet me in one of the events.
I will bring this and other books I´ve illustrated and/or written.  


Moor books


New book   
Hålla hand
(Holding Hands)

New book   
Jakten på slottsdraken

En liten röd räv, i en stor blå värld.
(A little red fox, in a big blue world.)

Everytyhing in this book is real, cause there are dragons. 
You don´t belive me?

Well, that´s because they´re heavily protected and a secret as big as acutal dragons. 
But this book, is about a very small one. Catsize infact. Thou the problems in keeping a wild dragon is still more than enough. 


The author, Maria Byquist, is a new star in the world of books. She writes, with many details and a lot of facts, a story that goes from late 1600 and mystical societys, to speedy action in modern military huntingplanes. 


In all this she still makes a story about love, loneliness and about the worth of real friendship.


With me, Christine Tomtlund, as the illustrator, and Marias story, the children (9-12) gets a funny and captivating storylesson. 

Let me present to you, Flamma (Flame), the small dragon.


Hålla hand, is a new book with a focus on sticking together, despite differences. A touchbook for those who like animals. Who may have an older sibling who also should be able to appreciate the time when you reading together.

Holding hands is a book written by Anna Nordin and illustrated by Christine Tomtlund.
As always, with well-made animals and a natural look.

In the book A Little Red Fox, we get to follow little Eldröd who misses the parents one night and to find them, and for the first time, leaves the den at night.
The book is about becoming friends with the dark and being brave.


No pronouns are mentioned in the book. Eldröd, the little fox is a fox and everyone can be as brave as the fox cub.

Basically the whole book is blue which is a soothing color and it is intended as a bedtime story. An eventful but calm book to end the day with.

4 Christine Tomtlund red 2_edited.jpg

Children diserves good litrature and beautiful illustrations.

Do you want to order the books now.
Mark the email BOOKs. 
Wright down your adress and I send you the book. 
I send you the book and an invoice.
Easy and quick.  


If you want to see what comes next or be updated on bookreleases or other events, then join the newsletter by sending a mail to

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