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Christmas Markets,
See you there.

Time to make it a jolly good christmas time!

I´ll be on two markets, and I bring with me, as many Christmas gift opportunities as I can. There will be prints, litographies, books and lots and lots more. 

Book release of
"Jakten på slottsdraken"

(The hunt of the Castledragon)

A new book! 
Yes, a new book is on it´s way.

We releas it under the big event of Comic con. 
Hurry up and get your tickets now!

We will be there, bouth me, the autour and the publisher, and maybe we can get the little stubborn dragon to join us. 

All the three days we´re there with Darkness Publishing. 


The book has gone from ide, to text, from text to illustrations on papers in my studio. And now my friends the text and the illustrations are made into a book.


Published by Darkness Publishing.

You can preorder here:

And read more about the book a little further down on this side or under BOOKS in the meny. 


Everytyhing in this book is real, cause there are dragons. 
You don´t belive me?

Well, that´s because they´re heavily protected and a secret as big as acutal dragons. 
But this book, is about a very small one. Catsize infact. Thou the problems in keeping a wild dragon is still more than enough. 


The author, Maria Byquist, is a new star in the world of books. She writes, with many details and a lot of facts, a story that goes from late 1600 and mystical societys, to speedy action in modern military huntingplanes. 


In all this she still makes a story about love, loneliness and about the worth of real friendship.


With me, Christine Tomtlund, as the illustrator, and Marias story, the children (9-12) gets a funny and captivating storylesson. 

Let me present to you, Flamma (Flame), the small dragon.


New book   
Hålla hand
(Holding Hands)

Hålla hand, is a new book with a focus on sticking together, despite differences. A touchbook for those who like animals. Who may have an older sibling who also should be able to appreciate the time when you reading together.

Holding hands is a book illustrated by Christine Tomtlund. As always, with well-made animals and a natural look. And of course it can be ordered. Just email or if you prefer, you can order it here as well.

If you want to see what comes next or be updated on the bookrelease, then join the newsletter att the same mailadress.


Children diserves good litrature.

Order the book now.
Mark the email with Hålla hand. 
Wright down your adress and I send you the book. 
I send you the book and an invoice.
Easy and quick.  


Don´t forget that you still can order the book A little red fox, in a big blue world. 


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First out, already this weekend:

Old-fashioned Christmas in Rademachersmedjorna, Eskilstuna. 

Saturday and Sunday, from 10.oo - 16.oo.


It´s The Geeks Christmas Market (Nördarnas Julmarknad) at Solnahallen in Stockholm.
4  of Dec. From 10.oo - 15.oo.

For this market, I´ll also bring my little ponys.