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New book   Hålla hand

Hålla hand, is a new book with a focus on sticking together, despite differences. A touchbook for those who like animals. Who may have an older sibling who also should be able to appreciate the time when you reading together.

Holding hands is the latest book illustrated by Christine Tomtlund. As always, with well-made animals and a natural look. And of course it can be ordered. Just email or if you prefer, you can order it here as well.

If you want to see what comes next or be updated on the bookrelease, then join the newsletter att the same mailadress.


My first exhibition this year is in Mangelboden,

June 18 - July 11, Saturdays and Sundays, 10.oo to 16.oo.

I show my interpretations of Dan Andersson's poems.

Art, lithographs and prints are for sale.

Poems are presented so you can read it while looking at the illustrations. 

I´ve also recently published a children's book Håll hand (Holding hand) which is also available on site. And my other book too, En liten röd räv i en stor blå värld (A little red fox in a big blue world).


I had an exhibition here two years ago and I´m so happy to be back again.


Exhibition time

Welcome to exhibition in Wadköpingsrummet.

If you are wondering how your love affair will last or why lynx were called the shining one, then this is the show for you. The exhibition is about folk beliefs around animals, exciting, strange and odd ideas in short texts to the paintings.

In Wadköping, Örebro.
Date, 17-22 juli, every day at least 10.oo - 16.oo.

Because of corona no vernissage is planed, but I´ll be there the hole exhibition. 

Next Exhibition 

Örntavla skarpare.jpg

Children diserves good litrature.

Order the book now.
Mark the email with Hålla hand. 
Wright down your adress and I send you the book. 
I send you the book and an invoice.
Easy and quick.  


Don´t forget that you still can order the book A little red fox, in a big blue world. 


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